Third Blog Assignment

       I don’t have a specific place that I sit while I read or write. Stephen King’s writing space is simply a desk in the corner of his basement. He calls it his far-seeing place. When I write I need my writing space to match my particular mood and writing style for that particular assignment. Sometimes I read or write sitting up in my bed. I do this when I’m ready to focus on something for a long period time. For shorter writing assignments or books that I don’t intend to read for more than an hour at a time I like to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a warm blanket. If I have a really short writing assignment or a short passage to read I will bring a notebook with me wherever I go and write a little bit at a time throughout the day. I did exactly that for this blog assignment.

       I find that as my atmosphere changes, so does my writing style. If there are a lot of people around while I write my final product turns out light and sometimes unfocused. If I am by myself in a quiet room my final passage turns out too focused and almost harsh. When I write alone with music on my final passage usually turns out to be a happy medium of light but focused. Sometimes there’s even a little humor involved. Even though I don’t have a specific writing space I always find a way to make myself as comfortable as possible when I’m reading or writing.


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