Fifth Blog Assignment

Poetry is a written form of self-expression. Many poets use their work as an outlet to express things that they find difficult to express any other way. There is no single accepted formula for poetry. It can range from very structured to very loose and flowing. Poems can come in the form of a ballad, sonnet, free verse, acrostic, haiku, limerick and many other types. Using many poetic devices such as rhyming, repetition, metaphors, and imagery poets can express their views and emotions. Poetry is intended to entertain the reader, tell a story, express emotion or convey an opinion. It is really up to the poet to decide what style they wish to write in, what devices they use and what they express.


I believe that poetry is a very important part of the arts but I personally do not enjoy using writing poetry as a form of self-expression. I find it difficult to write poetry because I am more comfortable expressing myself artistically through art. I like reading poetry and enjoying it for its interesting ideas and subtle references. Very often I find poetry to be confusing until I break it down line by line and read it a few times. Once I have a grasp on the main concept I really enjoy reading poetry and becoming familiar with a poet’s style. Although poetry is not my favorite subject to cover I think it is important to understand the basics.


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