Sixth Blog Assignment

Any sort of writing is good practice for paper writing regardless of the style. However, writing poetry in particular can really enhance your writing skills. Poetry allows a certain freedom that paper writing does not. When writing poetry you can be far more creative and expressive in a less formal setting. You can then introduce this writing style or one that is similar into your paper writing tactics. This allows for more creative and interesting papers. In addition to the creative benefits there are also structural benefits. Your sentences may flow better and the overall structure of your paper will most likely improve. Experimenting with many different styles of writing is crucial to a writer’s growth. The more you write, the more you develop as a writer.

I don’t write poetry often and was never required to do much poetry writing in high school but I found with this assignment that the more creative I was in my poetry the more creative I have been able to be in writing the most recent critique paper. I did not have as much difficulty getting my point across in a way that was interestingly written. I used the strategy of writing out what came to mind first and then editing it later. My thoughts were not as forced and I found it a lot easier to get through the writing process, which is usually the part that I find to be the most difficult. I think that the strategy I used to write my first draft of my critique will come in handy for future papers.


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