Seventh Blog Assignment

At this point in the process of writing my third paper I have completed the outline, works cited and first draft of my paper. First I decided what my opinion was of the film and broke down the different parts that I did and did not like. I focused on the themes, style and main idea of the film and decided which parts of each of those aspects that I enjoyed and why. I took notes on parts of the film that I thought was important and started looking for articles relating to The Tree of Life. I then read through the articles and interviews and took notes on information I found to be relevant to my paper as well as quotes that I could include in my paper. After I completed my research and notes I started the process of outlining. First I decided on the structure of my paper and which order I would like to put my summary and review. I chose to first summarize the film and analyze certain aspects and then began to review it, giving more personal opinion. After I had decided the structure I began to add more detail to my outline, including which sources I would use where and what topics I would be discussing with brief examples. After that, all that was left to do was write my paper. I just finished writing the rough draft and I plan to finish two more drafts before handing in the final paper.


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