Eighth Blog Assignment

Research is probably the most important part of the paper writing process for me. Finding the information relating to your topic is crucial. It offers you the ability to not only understand your topic better, but also support it better in your writing. You can even take direct quotes from the sources in which you found your information that relate to your argument and help you to convince the reader. If you don’t fully understand your topic it becomes more difficult to get your point across to the reader. This can lead to a poorly formatted paper with odd phrases that don’t quite fit. It could also lead to the use of information that is not important to the topic, which distracts from the main point of your paper, making your writing seem unfocused and jumbled.

When I research a topic I stat out very general and read information that will give me a better idea of my topic. Then I use the information I learned from my preliminary research to find more in depth information. I quickly read through each information source and decide on a few that will best support my argument. I then begin to read through more carefully, pulling out important facts and quotes. When I begin to plan out my paper in an outline, I decide where each quote will fit and how it will support my original argument.


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