Eighth Blog Assignment

Research is probably the most important part of the paper writing process for me. Finding the information relating to your topic is crucial. It offers you the ability to not only understand your topic better, but also support it better in your writing. You can even take direct quotes from the sources in which you […]

Seventh Blog Assignment

At this point in the process of writing my third paper I have completed the outline, works cited and first draft of my paper. First I decided what my opinion was of the film and broke down the different parts that I did and did not like. I focused on the themes, style and main […]

Sixth Blog Assignment

Any sort of writing is good practice for paper writing regardless of the style. However, writing poetry in particular can really enhance your writing skills. Poetry allows a certain freedom that paper writing does not. When writing poetry you can be far more creative and expressive in a less formal setting. You can then introduce […]

Fifth Blog Assignment

Poetry is a written form of self-expression. Many poets use their work as an outlet to express things that they find difficult to express any other way. There is no single accepted formula for poetry. It can range from very structured to very loose and flowing. Poems can come in the form of a ballad, […]

Fourth Blog Assignment

The most recent assignment has been my favorite so far. I liked doing research and pulling quotes from different sources. As for the thesis, I didn’t really it find it difficult to develop. I’ve had a lot of practice writing thesis statements in high school. I knew how specific a thesis should be and I […]

Third Blog Assignment

       I don’t have a specific place that I sit while I read or write. Stephen King’s writing space is simply a desk in the corner of his basement. He calls it his far-seeing place. When I write I need my writing space to match my particular mood and writing style for that […]

Second Blog Assignment: Part 3

King tells the reader on page 157 “Don’t wait for the muse. As I’ve said, he’s a hardheaded guy who’s not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering.” I really enjoyed this particular advice from King. I was glad to see that he doesn’t wait for creativity to hit him. He works until it does. […]