Second Blog Assignment: Part 2

I thought that the example sentences that King picked to demonstrate proper uses of grammar were very amusing. In many cases, the sentence was very out of place in the writing and took you off guard. This added a little bit of comedy to a section that would have been very dry otherwise. Sentences like “Freddy and Myra carried the body out of the kitchen and laid it on the parlor sofa” (page 123) in the middle of a paragraph definitely add some comedy to a long paragraph about the passive voice and how to write your sentences in a way that sounds more fluid.


Second Blog Assignment: Part 1

Possibly the best advice King gives in his book on writing is on page 106 and states, “You must not come lightly to the blank page”. He believes that you should come to writing in any other way but lightly, whether it is nervously, excitedly or hopefully. He believes that writing should be taken seriously and if you can’t do that then you have no business being a writer. I agree with King. I believe that in order to do something well, you must be fully invested in it.

Blog Assignment #1: Sources

A Topsy-Turvy Animal Kingdom: The Sculptures of Kate MacDowell

Blog Assignment #1: The Writing Process

The process of writing this paper was not particularly long or difficult for me. I really enjoyed writing about something I was interested. I don’t have the opportunity to write papers for school about things I enjoy very often I found the actual writing of the paper to be relatively easy. The only thing slightly complicated was finding sources. I found that since my work of art was not very well known there were very few formal reviews of it.

I’ll admit I’m guilty of procrastinating the actual writing to an extent. I didn’t start writing the paper until a few days before it was due but since I had already done the outline and introduction I wasn’t too worried about running out of time. I used the artist’s statement as one of my references, and found that it broke down the meaning of the sculpture very nicely. I was able to interpret and explain the meaning easily in my essay. I also found it helpful to use The Elements of Style as a reference to check my grammar and general sentence structure.

Overall I thought that this assignment was interesting and engaging and I appreciated the opportunity to write about something that I really enjoyed. For the next paper I write I will definitely work off of an outline because it was so useful to me this time. I will also try not to procrastinate as much because I think I could have improved upon my paper if I had started it a day or two earlier.